Safety instructions

  • DO NOT point a potato gun at anything or anyone you do not want to kill or obliterate.
  • DO NOT look down the barrel of a potato gun.
  • DO NOT glue your barrel into chamber. (this prevents potential backfires)
  • DO NOT use anything other than aerosol hairspray as fuel.
  • DO NOT use gunpowder or explosives as fuel.
  • DO NOT use acetylene, hydrogen or oxygen as fuel.
  • DO NOT use anything other than potatoes as projectiles.
  • DO NOT overload the barrel with projectiles. A full barrel is called a "Pipe Bomb".
  • DO NOT use the ignition while the cap is off.
  • DO NOT shoot a potato cannon in extreme weather (below 32 or above 100 degrees F) as it jeopardizes the integrity of the plastic.
  • ALWAYS shoot the potato gun in open spaces where you are sure that the potatoes will land safely.

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