Firing Instructions

    1. Fit barrel into chamber, making sure the muzzle knife is facing out.
    2. Place muzzle knife over potato.
    3. Apply pressure until potato shears into the barrel.
    4. Use a rod to ram the potato into the barrel, stopping 1 inch from the chamber.
    5. Open chamber and apply one squirt of aerosol hairspray. Close chamber.
    6. Aim at target & flick ignitor until cannon fires.
    7. If it doesnt fire on 2 or 3 flicks, open the chamber, let it breathe, close it and try again.
    8. Troubleshooting: If your igniter isn't sparking, you may need to realign your flint roller (see below).        

NOTE: Increase or decrease propellent quantity to obtain desired results.
It takes a bit of practice to find your sweet spot.

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